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It's very tough attempting to renovate the exterior of your own home unless you tap the services of the best exterior painting in Grand Prairie TX. Abandon any idea of getting this done yourself because you will be surprised at how considering the perfect shade or learning what kind of paint can handle tough elements will most definitely give you a hassle. Instead of spending time watching DIY videos via the internet, your top priority ought to be determining the best exterior painters in Grand Prairie TX to deliver results right the very first time. The Painting Expert Contractors offer both fantastic results and reasonable price that can satisfy your every painting need.Here's a list of things that you should expect from us.

Power Cleaning

All buildings we’ve come across usually have unfathomable amounts of algae, debris, dirt, cobwebs and mildew just to mention a few. In order to guarantee a quality finish, proper removal of these components has to occur prior to the application of any paint-related product. Our specialist team begins by conducting a power washing process on the exterior, which is essential in ensuring the paint, adheres to the surface properly. The Grand Prairie residential painting contractors basically treat the property’s exterior using TSP solution to get rid of the mold or a dilute bleach agent with water. Once treated, our team then allows the surface to dry properly, unlike quack handymen that promise to clean and paint in the same day – a huge mistake.


Once the prep work is complete, the next step is treating all the exposed areas with quality oil and bonding primers to seal the surfaces effectively, besides providing a sufficient foundation necessary for adhesion. As the best professional painters in Grand Prairie TX has to offer, we leave no stone unturned while at it. All metal surfaces, rust, bare wood, carpentry and water stains are also spot-primed for quality results. Depending on the conditions, we may recommend a full coat of primer – even though in rare cases.


There is a good reason why residents rank us among the companies that offer the best exterior painting in Grand Prairie TX. Our processes are well-defined to provide quality finishes that set the standards in the region. Following the priming procedure is glazing all cracks, seams, joints and nail holes. In a nutshell, our teams of experts work at removing all loose glazing, which is later replaced to guarantee tight seals thus reducing moisture at entry points and air leaks in the vulnerable points. As is expected from a leading service, we only use the best product which in this case is a 40-year rated latex caulk.


Regarding selecting the best exterior paint colors in Grand Prairie TX, talking to experts is without a doubt the perfect decision. We're able give you a range of color themes in the industry and even assist you to pick one should it prove to be too intimidating for you. On top of that, we just use good quality paint in the industry. The moment you have a look at the results of the project, you will be happy that you enlisted the services of the best people to face your painting needs. The high quality finish and timely delivery speak volumes about why we are considered as one of the best exterior painting in Grand Prairie TX.

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